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Richard Maison De Parfum Dirty Mango for women

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100ml - Eau de Parfum

Richard Maison De Parfum Dirty Mango is a fruity sweet fragrance introduced in 2021 by French perfume house RicHard. Bright, expressive and juicy, Dirty Mango is an exotic sweet paradise charged with amazing solar positive energy. The aroma is very warm, sweet, gushing with shades, diffuse.

After applying the fragrance to the skin, Dirty Mango gives out not only mangoes, but a whole tropical fruit salad: sour apples, sweet and sour tangerines with zest, peaches, bananas and mangoes in coconut cream, tart green leaves. The mango here is not green and tart, but yellow, very ripe - it resembles fresh mango on condensed milk, which can often be found in any shop with Vietnamese cuisine. The sillage is soft - a powdery cloud of iris and violet, with a slight floral tint.